Grandfather Clock Oiling

Grandfather Clock Service

Please note we offer grandfather clock service, not repair!

We do not repair broken grandfather clocks.

Our grandfather clock services include:

  • Clock cleaning
  • Clock oiling
  • Clock resetting

If your clock is in need of any of these services, please contact the store nearest you to schedule your service.

Grandfather Clock Oiling

Grandfather clocks need to be oiled approximately every 5 years to continue to function properly.  The hands and dial do need to be removed to perform this service and that is why it is recommended to have your grandfather clock oiled by an expert.

Grandfather Clock Resetting

Resetting a grandfather clock can be a tricky task.

If you are having trouble figuring out how to reset your grandfather clock please give us a call.

We may be able to offer you advice over the phone to enable you to reset your clock yourself.  If we cannot, we can schedule a time to come and reset your grandfather clock.

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