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Piano Lessons

Henderson Music Company does not offer piano lessons in-house, however we do have connections with some of the best piano teachers in Cincinnati, Lexington, and Louisville.

If you would like a recommendation to a local piano teacher in your area, please contact the store nearest you for more information.

Learning to play the piano has proven to have positive cognitive effects on children and adults! 

Even though we don’t offer piano lessons, we do carry a large selection of affordable entry-level pianos sure to please, and can put you in contact with some of the best teachers in your area.

How To Pick A Piano Teacher

There are several things you should consider when picking out a piano teacher.

First and most obvious is simply speaking with the piano teacher to make sure your personalities are compatible.

Experience is a must.  Mastering the piano takes years of practice and dedication.  Make sure your piano teacher has the experience to teach you properly.

Finally, location is important.  Some piano teachers will come to their clients’ homes, assuming they have a piano.  The proximity of the piano teacher to you should definitely be taken into account.

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