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Piano Tuning Near Me

Piano Tuning

Henderson Music Company offers piano tuning in greater Cincinnati, Lexington, and Louisville.  We will tune your upright or grand piano whether you bought it from us or not.  If you did purchase your piano from us, your 1st piano tuning is free.

To schedule your piano tuning, contact the representative nearest you.

Piano Tuning in Cincinnati/NKY

Call Brian for piano tuning in the Greater Cincinnati area.

(859) 802-8030

Piano Tuning in Lexington

Call Larry for piano tuning in the Greater Lexington area.

(859) 351-8099

Piano Tuning in Louisville

Call Bob for piano tuning in the Greater Louisville area.

(502) 365-3680

Between Brian Henderson and the 3 store managers, Gio, Mike, and Bob, the Henderson Music team has over 100 years of experience playing, selling, and tuning pianos.

We Tune Pianos

Our experienced pianists would be more than happy to tune your piano. Please contact the store manager nearest you to schedule.

We tune upright pianos and we also tune grand pianos.

To receive your piano tuning estimate, please let us know more about your piano and if it is having any specific issues you would like us to be aware of.

Contact Henderson Music

Let's talk pianos! Call the store closest to you to speak with that store's manager. You can also email us or complete the contact form and we will reach out to you.

Closest Store

Store hours vary by location. Get the specific information for your local Henderson Music store.

Cincinnati | Lexington | Louisville

Call Henderson Music Cincinnati

Call Gio (513) 477-2224

Call Henderson Music Lexington

Call Mike (859) 338-0542

Call Henderson Music Louisville

Call Bob (502) 365-3680

Email Henderson Music

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